Travel across Italy’s canals and see the city’s famous bridges

by makhoni
Travel across Italy's canals and see the city's famous bridges

A river cruise through Italy is the best way to see the country and get a feel for its history, culture, and architecture. Venice, with its serpentine rivers and dazzling canals, is ideal for a relaxing day of river sightseeing. From the deck of a river cruise boat, the unique city is exhibited in all its splendour, with buildings reflecting off the lagoons to create an immersive encounter with this most romantic of destinations. Discover the Veneto capital from its natural habitat, the water, on an interesting and novel tour of the city.
Reconciling the Two Sides

Without roads, the city’s stunning array of palaces, basilicas, and museums would be inaccessible to both visitors and residents alike. Around 400 bridges connect the island city of Venice, most of which are made of stone but also include wooden and iron structures. The best way to see these people and some of the world’s most renowned bridges is from above on a relaxing Italy river cruise.

For Romantics

You will get the unique opportunity to visit the Bridge of Sighs, the most well-known structure in all of Venice. The famous crossing point between the jails and the Doge’s Palace has recently become connected with love and romance. The name comes from the common reaction of awed tourists who “sigh” at the amazing architecture. Despite its romantic reputation, the bridge has a dark past. It was a popular spot for lovers to commit suicide, and it gave prisoners one last glimpse of the city before they were carried to their doom.

Regarding the Photographers

Visit the Scalzi Bridge on your Italy river cruise to take in breathtaking sights of the Grand Canal and Ponte Della Paglia as you make your way to the Santa Croce neighbourhood. The Scalzi was used as a crossing by Napoleon Bonaparte on his way through Milan and is now part of the city’s upscale fashion and entertainment district.

Foodies Only

The Rialto Bridge, a massive arched crossing lined with rows of shops that were once utilised as a marketplace, is the major pedestrian promenade across the Grand Canal. You can get off your Italy river cruise here to learn about the history of the Rialto, which was first constructed in 1173 and has been renovated multiple times since.

For the Intelligent

The wooden Ponte dell Accademia stands out among its stone counterparts and leads to the world-famous Galleria dell Accademia in Venice. The current building was completed in 1985 after a thorough risk analysis was conducted.

So there you have it; a cruise down the River Seine with a reputable Italian tour operator is your best bet if you want to see Venice the way locals have for decades. It’s the best way to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Italy, what with the plush accommodations, welcoming ambience, and delicious food on board, not to mention the sights and sounds of the city as you go.

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