Tuscan Wine Tours: 2 Chianti Vineyards to Visit

by makhoni
Tuscan Wine Tours: 2Cchianti Vineyards to Visit

Between the towns of Florence and Siena sits the Tuscany area of Chianti, sometimes referred to as the Colline del Chianti. This is certainly the most gorgeous area of Tuscany, making it the greatest of the best in Italy. Tuscany is frequently mentioned as one of the most beautiful districts in all of Italy. In fact, the expansive houses and rolling hills of this region are what people typically imagine when they think of Tuscany.

Chianti vineyards

Along with producing its famed eponymous wine and the Chianti Classico, it is well-known across the globe for its winegrowing. Since many of the Chianti’s vineyards bear the famous DOC or DOCG labels, it’s the ideal location for a daylong wine tour. You may visit numerous top-notch wineries by signing up for a wine tour. The highlights of two must-see Chianti vineyards will be discussed in this article.


Compared to many other Chianti vineyards, The Fattoria & Villa di Rignana provides far more. It is initially and mainly a winery, producing a medium-plus bodied, fruity, leathery, and tobacco-flavored Chianti Classico. The 2016 is a reputable and well-liked vintage.

The Villa di Rignana not only produces some of the greatest Classico in the area, but it also offers lodging and holds several events. The complex of buildings was built as a monastery in the 12th century and afterwards transformed into a beautiful private property. Its modest facade, which is reminiscent of a typical rural Tuscan wine farm, leads to elegant apartments with rococo murals.

Another inspirational location to experience the finest of the region’s cuisine, wine, and culture is the Villa di Rignana.

Booking a day wine trip is the ideal way to explore these wonderful Tuscan vineyards and the many more scattered over greater Tuscany. After waking up in center Florence, it is simple to visit these tranquil rural areas with a knowledgeable tour guide.

Villa Le Corti

Since 1363, Prince Duccio Corsini’s family has owned the Villa Le Corti winery. Being 15 kilometres south of Florence, it is conveniently close to trips leaving from that city.

It is located in the region that produces Chianti Classico and boasts 50 hectares of the renowned Sangiovese grapes. Le Corti has a long history of winemaking, and guests may tour the old wine cellars that haven’t altered much over the years yet are still in use today. The estate also has an organically grown olive grove, which is one of the biggest and oldest in Italy. It is around 73 hectares.

In addition to producing excellent wine, Le Corti stands out from other Chianti vineyards due to its extensive architectural history. In 1600, towards the conclusion of the Renaissance and the beginning of the Baroque era, the villa that looks out over the vineyard was constructed. Santi di Tito, the most important painter in the “proto-baroque” or “counter-mannerist” movement, created it. In the villa’s tranquil inner courtyard or its spectacular cypress-lined lawn, you may admire di Tito’s creations while savoring the best wines and cured foods.


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